Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Zane Post 9-29-09

Nashville 09!

Holy cow, I am so excited for the Nashville 09! road trip this Friday. For those of you who don't know, the Nashville 09! road trip was completely put together by yours truly. Brennan, Brett, and I will be traveling to Roswell, New Mexico via my pickup. The reasoning behind calling the road trip Nashville 09! is this: I liked the name. We aren't going to Nashville, obviously, but to New Mexico, which quite frankly, is in the opposite direction. Our plan is to leave this Friday after classes and sleep in my beautifle truck in Roswell Friday night. Saturday will be our cool day; we are going to spend all day in Roswell doin all sorts of alien, country, stupid, desert, college kid stuff we can possibly emit. We will leave Saturday night and be in at about 1:00 am on Sunday. This trip is gonna dang rock, I tell ya that much. Cheap too! So, hasta ladies and gents... "see ya on the other side of the Universe" as our nieghbors to the west like to say.

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