Thursday, September 3, 2009

Brennan Post 9/3/09

First off, need to do a new post, cause I don't want to do one until you do one.


Skim Milk has always has and always will suck. People have been convinced that it's actually milk, when it's really just white watery disgustingness.


Robots really get treated like crap in movies. They're always evil. Always. Even when you think they're good, they always end up killing everything. No matter what. Why can't they just look cool and shoot really sweet guns like everyone else? I feel bad for robots.


Slumdog Millionaire sucked. It's probably one of the most predictable movies ever won everything imaginable. What the crap??


I'm not sure fifthly is a word, is it?


This is a crazy cool acoustic Arcade Fire song. It's freakin b-e-a-utiful....enjoy...

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