Sunday, September 27, 2009

Zane Post 9-27-09

Alright, so I'm a little bummed out. I just found out that I only meet one of two requirements to become the Governor of Texas. I have been a Texas resident for at least 5 years; I am not thirty years old though. Turns out, age is the difference here. I've always been told that age aint nothin but a number... I guess not when it come to running for governor huh? However, I am slightly excited. I made a dumb little 1 minute video announcing my "candidacy" and stuck it on YouTube... the next day, I just so happened to have a little look and the Star Tellegram had put the video up on thier web site! Haha! What? Its pretty funny if you think about it. First off, I'm 18, and second off... well I'll just let you see what I "stand" for, haha.

Aint that a kick?

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