Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Zane Post 9-9-09

Okay... I know I havent done one of these in a while, my bad....

Well, I dont have any awesome, rediculous, or even great stories or things to tell right now. But, I still love the radio station. It's a lot of fun, to me, to be on the RADIO!!! Its exciting really. Theres a lot of stuff that goes into it, ya know? Its not just every 15 minutes i get to talk and say whatever what I want or anything... theres so much more "behind the mic" kinda stuff that listeners dont really know about. So, Im gonna tell you about some of the stuff that goes on! Most of it may not be that interesting to you... but I enjoy it.

1) Its hectic! Man it can get hectic... if you dont like to be timed then you know what I'm talking about. Like I said, all the breaks, at least in the Mornin Music Mix when I've been training, are only 15 minutes or shorter. Now, breaks to me and breaks to you are different. You would think a break is when I would speak... this is not the case. The break for me is when you hear music going on, or anything that isn't me. That's the period of time where I have to write out what I have to say for when I come on, call in information for the station and log it down, pick out songs for the next hour that weren't played at the same hour on a different date, program the songs, program the "commercials", add pauses and stops in-between, and then read over what I have to say because I forget sometimes. And that's only with music... if there is a CD that has to be played, that usually takes a little longer and takes a little more skill with the sound board.

2) Speaking with the right tone is very important. In radio, you dont have an opinion. Especially when it comes to rain. West Texans love rain! I guess it's because they dont ever get to see it or something. So when there is a chance of rain for the day, you better be rejoycing on that microphone to the listeners... because apparently rain is the number one thing people in West Texas wish for when they blow out their birthday candles. It's like a drug here... one thats hard to get i guess. And it's always happy, happy, happy time. Haha, we want the listeners to listen after all. And honestly, do you want to listen to the Clear Eyes guy in the morning? Uh, no.

3) Commitment is a huge deal. I can tell you now, I wont get all my school breaks off. People just always expect the radio to be on... it's just one of those things we take for granted. When was the last time you turned it to 106.1 Kiss FM and absolutely nothing was on.... probably never. Someone is always there. But, it's just something I gotta do, you know? People gotta have their news, weather, updates in politics, sports, music and just noise in the car... or at home... to listen to KACU at home or in the office, just simply go to our home page at and click on the listen live link on the left side of your screen to enjoy the most eclectic blend of music to stert your morning off right. That last sentence was satiricle by the way, haha.

So thats that... theres much more I havent talked about, but thats just a taste of Radio.

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