Monday, October 5, 2009

Zane Post 10-5-09

I kinda want to talk about an idea that I had a few short weeks ago. I've talked to Brennan about it and he seems to find a bit of truth in it. Weather or not he 100% agrees with it, I'm not sure, and niether do I care really haha.
Just before bed time a few weeks ago, I had thought of an intriguing way of looking at God, especially for those who really have a need to see to believe. As I was walking around my dorm thinking about laying down, I was getting into spiritual mode. All I could think about that night was God. More specifically, I was thinking about why am I so lucky to be able to believe without seeing Him? I'm not saying that because I can believe without seeing that I am somehow "better" or understand more than someone else, thats not what I'm saying at all. But I couldn't help but think about these people and how we are called to reach them as well straight up non-believers. So, I sat and pondered. I was trying to come up with a metaphore about seeing God without physically seeing Him.
Thats when it popped into my head. God is a lot like the internet in many ways. If you truly sit back and think about it, when was the last time you have seen the internet? The basic truth of it is, you and I haven't. Now, we may think we can see the internet... I mean, your obviously on the internet right now as you read my post. But you don't see the internet. Right now you are seeing what the internet can do. We experince what the internet can do, like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Web page after web page is not the internet, it is only something that we use as proof to argue that the internet exists. Much like the Bible and our experiences with the Holy Spirit are our way of saying that God exists. I feel like the mian reason it's easier to say that the internet is more of a solid argument to existance is because of how often it is used by most people on Eatrh... In my opinion.
Now I realise that whats on the internet is not always good, and God is always good. But one thought that came to mind was the fact that human beings dont truly know what good is. Remember the Garden of Eden? the reaseon we are the way we are is because of Satans' deciet on us. Adam and Eve wanted the knowledge of what is good and evel so much that they sinned agianst God to get it... and now the only perception of good that we have is our Bibles, and what our culture tells us... and more times than not, these two things conflict, and they conflict hard.
So why does the internet exist? Why does God not exist? I don't understand. Believing one over the other does not mesh with my brain too well.
I have never seen the internet... and I never will. But I have seen what the internet can do and it's effects on people. I have never seen God... and I eventually will. But I have seen what God can do and his effects on other people as well as my own life. Knowledge is not what I seek, God's love is what I seek... after all, it is the single most usable resource to human beings.

Happy web-surfing...

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