Saturday, August 22, 2009

Zane Post 8-22-09: Ok... So, college.....

Zane: As you all can very well see, Brennan and I just so happen to go college in the most exciting town in all of ever. This town is extremely sought after when it come to settling down to raise a family... and no wonder! The views are amazing... you can literally look out the window of your car and see absolutely nothing for hundreds of miles... or maybe a wind turbine, who knows.

You see, many people would come to Abilene and be bored out of their faces... but i just dont see it that way, you know. I see it as an awesome opportunity to just "get away from... well... literally everything."

To be honest, I have been entirely sarcastic this entire time. Hard to tell huh? You see, Abilene, Texas is so boring that it would drive a college student to the point to where he thinks he has to start a blog just to keep in touch with reality. And whats relitvely funny about the whole ordeal, is that residents of Abilene seem to take pride in bordom! Just yesterday, at chappel, I saw the back of this guys shirt... who i expected to be an upperclassmen... and it read "Keep Abilene Boring". I thought this was a very clever spin-off of the phrase, "Keep Austin Weird" and i must say i was kind of inspired by the t-shirt... so much that whenever I see one, I believe I will buy that bad boy! Indeed I will buy it. I will buy that shirt!

Do you get the idea here? Already I have become so absorbed in the Abilene culture of bordom that I am willing to buy a t-shirt that exclaims my absolute happieness about bordom... what? Now that I think about it... I did think it was really fun to drive the 30 or so miles just to see the wind turbines... twice... in one day...

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  1. Haha! You really had me going for a while There Zane.